R & R Gruppe – Upgrading your glass R & R Partner GmbH

The internationally proven solution for pressure equalisation in insulating glass, now with over 60 installed systems Europe, Central America and Asia.

With the R&R altimeter, the internal pressure ratios in the insulating glass can be set during production so that the atmospheric conditions at the final installation location are taken into account.
Simply connect the altimeter via USB to a computer, enter all relevant data pertaining to the double or triple glazed insulating glass, and in a very short time you can establish the desired pressure by defined reduction in volume or, in exceptional cases, by gas supply. Flexible valve stoppers and precisely fitted closures ensure that set values remain constant and are reproducible.

As an additional option, we offer a special glass analysis software that is able to calculate the deflections and stresses of the insulating glass prior to production. These results can be transferred to the altimeter.

By using the R&R altimeter, professional pressure equalisation becomes a part of the daily routine!