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The new full automatic desiccant filling concept ‚Fillit' fills just those bars that need to be filled.

The fillit concept is directly linked to the spacer processing Station Romillo and will do the filling process of single bars inline without additional operators. Inside the bars the desiccant will be trapped between two stoppers out of foam. The filled bars are then going to get welded to a spacer frame and will afterwards proceed in the conventional process of DGU- producing. The bars can also be assembled manually to frames with standard corner keys. The foam plug inside the bar will keep the desiccant in place, so no desiccant will slip around the key. As you can also spare the bars with an integrated joint connection – desiccant pollution inside of DGUs will furthermore belong to the past.

The amount of filled desiccant can also be adjusted more precisely. As each bar can be filled individually you can decide whether you would like to fill one, two, three or four bars in every thinkable combination. This will save costs and secures the quality of your DGUs. The best thing about the fillit process is, that it just works automatically within the cutting station. No additional process or manpower is needed.