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Responsibility of the Management

Formulating a quality policy with transparent quality objectives is one of the core tasks of management. To achieve these objectives, a comprehensive quality planning was conducted in which all necessary measures and methods were determined. All relevant responsibilities and powers are laid down within the framework of the QM system. A handbook describes the complete QM system of the company. The management is committed to conduct continuous evaluations (reviews) of the processes and the complete QM system. The management guarantees that a system to control (distribution and maintenance) documents and records will be created.

Management of Systems and Equipment, Personnel Management

The management provides all the necessary means available for the realisation of customer-oriented products. This includes the appropriate selection and development (training) of staff, providing optimum facilities (machines, equipment, tools and equipment, hard and software, etc.) and providing the necessary working environment. 


The core processes in the QM system are consistently geared to the customers. The essential product requirements and expectation are identified, coordinated with the customer and agreed upon. Procurement and production processes are set out in logical process management systems. The term "process management" summarises the steps of planning, checking requirements (specifications), implementation (production planning, procurement, manufacturing, installation, etc.) and evaluation (product testing, sampling, etc.). In terms of production, there are other specific requirements, for example, in relation to labelling and traceability of parts, the handling of customer property (for example, storage, handling, packaging) or the storage of parts. With a comprehensive management system for measuring devices, proof of product quality can be ensured.

Measurement, analysis and improvement

To close the various control loops in the QM system, the company management oversees the measures for planned measurement and analysis of the processes in detail and monitors their implementation. The measure of customer satisfaction is of primary importance. Internal audits are carried out as a central means for accessing the effectiveness of the QM system. The findings from the various measurements lead to verifiable corrective and preventive measures including the control of nonconforming products and services. Through continuous improvements, the company can quickly respond to future customer needs, match the knowledge of its employees to current technological challenges and thus gain a recognised market position. 

The quality policy of the R&R Group

The R&R Group is a customer-oriented company. We have self-imposed the obligation to fulfil the future needs, expectations and wishes of our customers within the framework of our material, human and financial resources with the best quality possible through continuous improvement of our QM system. We see ourselves as a partner to our customers and have an interest in their success.
The goal of our quality policy is to achieve a comprehensive level of customer satisfaction through: