Low PSI (Swisspacer) Processing

Equipped for modern low psi profiles

Modern technology for modern technology

The crowning glory of our product division: ultrasonic welding technology for the industrial processing of modern Low Psi (Swisspacer) profiles into spacer frames.

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With our proven Roweldo-Romillo combination, one person achieves cycle times of less than 30 seconds. Suitable for processing all common low psi profiles such as Swisspacer, Multitec or comparable products.

Roweldo Schweißanlage für Low Psi Abstandhalterprofile

Roweldo XL - the 4-head welding system

Aufnahme einer Romillo zum Abstandhalterfräsen

Romillo XL - the cutting machine

For smaller quantities we recommend the combination of Roweldo S and Bendit with Low Psi option.

Roweldo S - the 4-head welding system

Bendit with Low Psi Option

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