Restsauerstoffanalyse im Isolierglas

Non-destructive gas measurement with SPARKLIKE Laser integrated and Portable


The SPARKLIKE Laser™ portfolio is based on TDLAS laser technology and measures the residual oxygen content in double and triple insulating glass units in an uncomplicated and completely non-destructive way.

Regardless of coating and lamination, in just one work step!

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Gas measurement
Sparklike Handheld ™ 3.0
SPARKLIKE Laser Portable™

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SPARKLIKE Laser Integrated™

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The SPARKLIKE company is known for its non-invasive methods of residual oxygen measurement and gas analysis. For more than 15 years, the devices from Finland have set the gold standard in this field worldwide.
Following the idea: "everything from one source", we are your contact for all Sparklike products in German-speaking countries. 

Andreas Kotzke

+49 9101 99 47 0

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